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Southern Heritage Bank is a division of FIRST CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK

Board of Directors

When it comes to a board of directors, the First Citizens National Bank board is as good as it gets. We set the highest standards for our bank, and these passionate, strategic-minded professionals are the ones who make sure we live up to them. 

  • Jeff Agee

    Jeff Agee

  • Judy Long

    Judy Long

  • Laura Beth Butler

    Laura Beth Butler

  • Eddie Anderson

    Eddie Anderson

  • Sherrell Armstrong

    Sherrell Armstrong

  • Walt Bradshaw

    Walt Bradshaw

  • Bob Carpenter 

    Bob Carpenter

  • Danny Carpenter

    Danny Carpenter

  • Richard Donner

    Richard Donner

  • Larry Gibson

    Larry Gibson

  • Chris Heckler

    Chris Heckler

  • Ralph Henson

    Ralph Henson

  • Barry Ladd

    Barry Ladd

  • John Lannom

    John Lannom

  • Milton Magee

    Milton Magee

  • Lee Stewart

    Lee Stewart

  • Larry White

    Larry White

  • Steve Williams

    Steve Williams

  • Joe Yates

    Joe Yates