Community-by-Community Focus

We are rooted in Tennessee with a reputation of being an Unbelievably Good community bank. Since opening our doors in Dyersburg in 1889, we have striven to give back and make a difference in the communities we serve. With 26 standalone locations in 11 Tennessee counties, we are truly a statewide bank that maintains a community-by-community focus.

The Story Behind the Tree Logo

Our primary logo mark – which is an abstract interpretation of a growing TREE – has a long tradition of representing the ideals of community banking at its best.

The tree logo’s origins date to the mid 1980s when it was first introduced as the company symbol for First Citizens National Bank. The logo design has been adjusted and updated through the decades, but the symbolic essence of the mark has remained constant.

Strong Roots – Just as a tree grows, thrives and gains essential nutrients from a strong root system, a true community bank maintains strength and balance from the roots it establishes in the communities it serves.

Substantial Branches – With proper feeding and breathing room, a tree’s canopy grows in response to the sun’s stimulating light … which causes its branches to spread uniformly. A solid root system, supported by a healthy environment, results in sustained branch growth for a tree. The same can be said for the branch growth of a community bank.

People Centered – In addition to representing the “crown” of the tree, the logo mark design suggests there are three “people” at the apex of the tree. This conveys that the ultimate purpose of a community bank is to serve people … its customers, shareholders and the entire community.

First Citizens National Bank was founded in 1889 and has successfully weathered challenging economic times and achieved substantial growth in order to help people – just like you – build their financial futures. We are dedicated to continued strength and healthy growth in the communities we serve – and that’s Unbelievably Good for all involved!


Our History

1889 – Bank Founded – After prudence and deliberation, five new board of directors purchase the Bank of Dyersburg building and hire three employees to open the doors of the Tennessee chartered community bank known as Citizens Bank.

1923 - 1924 – Institutions Merge – Citizens Bank merges with First National Bank of Dyersburg to form First Citizens National Bank of Dyersburg.

1930s - 1950s – The Great Depression and Recovery – Through community relationships and employee interdependence, the Depression-era decline is replaced with steady economic rehabilitation and significant quality of life improvements for employees, customers and the bank as a whole.

1960s – Financial Services Expansion – First Citizens opens new offices and introduces "drive-in banking."

1970s - 1980s – Customer-Centered Banking – CEO Stallings Lipford establishes bank’s customer-centered mission which is fully embraced by all team members.

1990 - 2005 – New Market Growth – With foresight and expertise, rapid progress ensues allowing expansion into six additional West Tennessee counties with 10 branches.

1998 – Diversification of Services – White & Associates – an independent insurance provider – partners with First Citizens to offer full coverage insurance specializing in business and agriculture.

2006 - 2012 – Growth Despite Recession – Soon after the first Middle Tennessee office is opened in Franklin, the U.S. mortgage crisis hits. Many other financial institutions of all sizes flounder or fail and many small community banks are acquired. First Citizens leadership team makes strategic decisions to weather the economic storm and outperform peer institutions, many of which relied on a government bailout.

2013 - 2016 – New Horizons, Statewide and Online – Keen observation of the financial environment helps First Citizens increase customer service with new electronic options and brings Southern Heritage Bank in Cleveland into the fold as the two customer-service-oriented community banks join forces.

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