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Southern Heritage Bank is a division of FIRST CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

CDs give you the best of both worlds — market interest rates and the security of FDIC insurance. If you need a flexible savings option, a CD is a smart choice.

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A CD investment earns market rate of interest with the added security of FDIC insurance. Flexible opening deposit amounts and investment periods give you the freedom to invest according to your needs.
  • Flexible investment terms
  • Opening deposit amounts based on investment terms
  • Automatic renewal feature
  • 24-hour access to First Connection telephone banking 731.286.5064 or 1.800.381.3262
  • Investment terms range from seven days to five years or longer
  • Minimum opening deposit amount based on investment term
Term Amount
7 days to less than 3 months $10,000
3 months to less than 1 year $2500
1 year or more $500
  • Interest payment and compounding options based on term and deposit amount
  • Investment automatically renews after each term
  • Grace period allowed based on term
  • Early withdrawal penalty based on the term and the amount withdrawn

What our
customers say

I highly, highly recommend First Citizens. The service is just that GOOD.

– First Citizens National Bank customer