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It's tough telling teens what life's really like as adults. Here's an idea: show, don't tell. Show them how a ten dollar job isn't really ten dollars an hour. Show them the true costs of living without insurance. Let students experience life's pitfalls for themselves.

Banzai helps young people learn by doing. Over a million children nationwide, aged 8 to 18, have already used Banzai to learn about finance in the real world, at NO COST.

  • Banzai is FREE for teachers and students.
  • Banzai is an award-winning curriculum.
  • Banzai is flexible and adapts to your schedule.
  • Students will discover real-world finance.
  • Students choose their own adventure.
  • Access Banzai anytime, from any device.
  • Align Banzai to TN state standards.
  • Choose from three courses: Junior (ages 8-12), Teen (13-18), and Plus (16 +).
  • Teach with no prep work, grade in an instant.
  • Teach them to budget, save for a rainy day, and navigate adult financial dilemmas.

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